New Commercial Building

New Commercial Building
April 20, 2019 Comments Off on New Commercial Building mainpage

As announced at the 2018 fundraiser, a new Commercial Building at the intersection of Boulevard Grande Allée and Canon is being planned.

The approval of the City is imminent and it is anticipated that the building will be ready for occupancy in the Spring of 2020.

As indicated, the building will consist of a total of (3) three floors. The existing daycare, Académie Marie-Emmanuel will expand into part of the first and second floors. The remaining space is available for lease. This includes approximately 3,500 sq.ft. on the first floor, approximately 3,500 sq.ft. on the second floor and the whole of the third floor of approximately 6500 sq. ft.

Anybody interested in leasing for commercial purposes, please contact Nadia Henein at for more details.

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