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Inscription au Camp d’été 2022
Image May 9, 2022 Camp,mainpage

HORAIRE du camp d’été:

DU 27 JUIN AU 19 AOÛT 2022

De 7h à 18h

Veuillez prendre note que le 1er juillet est un jours fériée et donc le camp sera fermé à cette date

Donation Options
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† Virgin Mary Church is grateful to all its children who expressed their wish to send their donations by any means possible.

† Here are the ways you can send your donations to the Church:
1- PayPal 2- E-Transfer 3- Church Mailbox 4- pre-authorized forms

† May the Lord reward you for your offerings and keep you safe and blessed

Unity App
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† Church Attendance by booking only!
† Announcement updates are posted directly and regularly here:
† For any clarifications or any questions, please contact us here:

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Image August 30, 2021 mainpage

– First-Aid information sessions & CPR course with certificate will be offered in January 2022 (New!)

– More information will follow

Church Renovation Project
Image June 1, 2021 mainpage

The fathers the priests and the board of the church  are pleased to announce the beginning of the renovation project of the old Sunday school area and the washrooms of the church.

Image January 7, 2021 mainpage

Link for More information included in post details.

Tutoring, Homework Help?
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Tutoring Services offered by Centre ESPOIR You have difficulty in certain subjects, and you feel that a little help would be beneficial to you? Then sign up for our tutoring service! This service is offered online for a cost of $30/month! For more information, please contact Eman Geres at ** A lending service for