Sunday School Activity Form

Sunday School Activity Form
Please refer to the Kitchen Policy.
This form should be filled-out by ‘Sunday School Servants’ for Elementary, High school, Cegep, University, Graduates, Pre-Servants, Family Meeting, Seniors and Bible Study events or activities.
Here is the Church calendar to help with your Sunday School Activity date selections.



    Reservation of Location(s)

    ChurchCafeteriaKitchenGymChapelexternal site

    Reservation of New Building class(s)

    S217 Study RoomS217a Youth RoomS218 HS2S218a Grade09S219 Grade10S220 Grade11S221 Ceg&UnivS222 Pre-ServantsS223 HS1S224 Grade07S225 Grade08S229 Pre-ServantsS111 2-3yearsS115 Grade05S118 Grade 4-5-6S121 Grade04S122 Grade01S123 Grade02S124 Grade03S125 3-4 years