Church Renovation Project

Church Renovation Project
June 1, 2021 Comments Off on Church Renovation Project mainpage
The fathers and the board of the church  are pleased to announce the renovation project of the old Sunday school area and the washrooms of the church.
This project is composed of multiple phases:
– Demolition of the old Sunday school classes – Done
– Removal of the pyrite from the underground that had damaged the floors over the years – Done
– Building an interior playground for children, –undergoing
– Building three multipurpose large rooms with 2 wall separators so that they can be used as one large meeting hall- undergoing 
– New central heating and air conditioning system for the whole area- undergoing
– Renovating the washrooms next to the gymnasium – undergoing
– Renovating the washrooms next to the main entrance of the church,
– Expanding “Bethlehem” – the Corban making room,
 – The church exterior wooden door and stained glass windows –  Done
 – The chapel facelift  – undergoing,
 – New Chapel Sound and broadcast system. undergoing
Please keep this project in your prayers.
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