Event Registration

Event Registration
† — Limited number of people could attend Wedding, Engagement, Baptism, and Funeral Ceremonies at the church.  Please contact the Fathers directly to confirm the dates and provide the Invitee lists for church entrance—
† — All general Social Events at the church are currently suspended until further notice. There is no need to fill in the form below until further notice —
† — For Funeral Arrangements click here

Please read carefully the Church Kitchen Policy (click here)

† Event Reservation forms need to be filled out for any event requiring reservations for the church, cafeteria, kitchen, or Gym.  For example: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Memorials etc…

For help with your date selections, please consult the Church Schedule and speak to one of our Priests to confirm the dates before submitting the form.   

 For Sunday School events, please fill in the “Sunday School Activity Form” also found under ‘Church Services’ main menu

    Reservation of Location(s)
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